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There is a myth that an EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finishing System) is a problem system that should not be applied onto the exterior of buildings, and that it can, and will allow moisture to enter the system and cause catastrophic damages to the substrate or framing system of the buildings.  
We here at Cascade Inspections Northwest would like to dispose this myth.

Since the conception of EIFS systems, there has not been a recorded failure of a system because of a manufacturers defect in the product.  
In every recorded case of a failure, the defects always fall on installers failing to install the product as per the manufacturers installation specifications or there is a construction defect on an associated system such as a lack of proper flashing's or a defect with a waterproofing system such as what is found in deck waterproofing systems and or roofing systems.

The truth about EIFS systems is that it is a lightweight exterior cladding system that adds to an increased R-Value and sound deadening of the exterior walls.
The product has been tested to outperform many other exterior cladding systems in the form of water resistance or penetration.

EIFS systems are one of the only cladding systems that can be non destructively examined and can be easily repaired and modified to meet or exceed the manufacturers installation specifications or industry standards.  EIFS systems give the structure the look of a real stucco finish that if maintained can last the lifetime of the structure.

Cascade Inspections Northwest has worked with methods of making an EIFS system as strong or stronger than any other type of exterior cladding system.
Our question is, why replace a system that offers all of these benefits when it can be retrofitted to become more durable than many other exterior cladding systems.
EIFS Exterior Cladding Sytems
Please view our videos of a destructive test regarding an EIFS system