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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is basically simple, isolate the problems and identify them in our reports. 
We make recommendations to correct the problem areas and prevent damages from reoccurring in the future. 
We provide architectural detailing of all waterproofing details associated with the reconstruction of the damaged areas and also at any areas on the structure that are considered possible water intrusion issues. 
We make recommendations to improve the exterior cladding system to meet or exceed industry statdards.
We work hands on with the remediation contractors and inspect and document all work being performed on the project.
Our reports are photo formatted and are very detailed providing evidence that can be retained for documentation for any potential future buyers of the property or in the case of litigation, can be used in court to recover any losses regarding the construction defects. 
We provide expert testimony in court for our clients to report that only the damaged areas were repaired.
As a result, our client are generally awarded 90 percent or greater for the expenses incurred in the damaged areas.
This philosophy saves our customers thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair costs. 
Often times buildings are inspected and some water intrusion issues or a construction defect issues is discovered in localized areas. 
In many cases Consultants and Water Intrusion Experts recommend a total tear of of the exterior cladding on the pretense that the damages found in the localized areas could possibly be found throughout the structure or structures. 
These experts also state that they have contractors and attorneys to help recover any losses to the property owners. 
When these matters are brought into court there are awards only for the damages found during the total tear off. 
If there is only 5% of the building damaged, then there is a award for only 5% of the total cost of the remediation. 
This can change radically if the evidence provided by the experts is lacking or inadequate.  
After attorneys,consultants, and experts get there cut, the property owners are held libel for the remainder of the costs. Generally the property owners only receive approximately 40 cents on the dollar. 
This type of procedure can virtually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of the project. 

​Many property owners don't realize that construction defect laws extend far past the original warranty provided by the installing contractors. 
It is during this window of time that a property owner can legally seek damages from the general contractors and all contractors associated with the damages found on the building.

For instance Oregon State Law ORS 12.135 states that contractors are liable for construction defects for 10 years after the completion of the project on residential and small commercial structures. 6 Years for large commercial projects.

Washington State Law RCW 4.16.310 provides a 6 year window on all structures regardless of size.

Utah State Law states that a property owners have 6 years on all structures regardless of size to initiate a claim against a contractor.