Protect against construction defect issues
We specialize in the following services:

Construction Defect Inspections:
Complete evaluation and documentation of all structures 

Water Intrusion Inspections:
Complete examinations of exterior envelope 

Construction Documentation Inspections:
Providing necessary documentation of building progress and providing architectural detailing where needed.

Complete Court Litigation Support:
Working with legal defense as expert witness support.

Project Consultation Services:
Working with Contractors, Property Owners, and Project Managers to provide necessary advice and consultation regarding job progress and waterproofing details

Certified EIFS and Stucco Inspections:
Nationally certified EIFS inspection firm providing services for residential and commercial buildings.

Annual Maintenance Inspections:
Providing annual maintenance inspections to detect possible break down in the exterior envelope of the building at an early stage.

Exterior Siding Inspections:
Providing inspections of all exterior siding products.

Pre-Purchase Residential and Commercial Real Estate Inspections:
Complete examinations of all structures prior to purchases.


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