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Construction Defect Issues
Many construction defect issues arise from inadequate supervision at the time that the building is constructed. At times, installation contractors fail to conform to the manufacturer's specifications and, ultimately create a construction defect.  
In some cases, these construction defects lead to problems with the structure's exterior envelope or the structural integrity of the building.  
From a cozy cottage to a downtown high-rise, we provide on-site third party inspections of the building and any work being performed during a reconstructive process to help maintain that all materials are being installed as per the manufacturers installation specifications and also industry standards. 
We also oversee construction of new structures. We work hands on with the general contractors and provide architectural detailing to prevent any possible construction defects from the start
For over 40 years, we have strived to be an advocate for our customers’ rights in the purchase of their properties and the preservation of their investments.
Water Intrusion Experts
Here in the United States, water intrusion issues cause millions of dollars of property damage every year.   Much of this could have been avoided by hiring a qualified water intrusion expert to oversee the design and construction of the building's exterior envelope. Or, at a minimum, through inspections by a qualified expert, identify areas of concern, provide corrective recommendations and maintenance plans.  Our firm uses state of the art equipment to detect water intrusion, such as thermal imaging.   
Exterior Cladding Specialists
Cascade Inspections Northwest has conducted thousands of commercial and residential inspections over the years. 
During the inspection process we isolate the defects and prescribe repairs to those areas only. Our goal is to try to preserve the exterior cladding as much as possible and to enhance the existing exterior cladding system to bring it more into the compliance with the manufacturers specifications. 
This philosophy saves our customers virtually  thousands of dollars  opposed to a total tear off of the cladding system. 
​Cascade Inspections Northwest is also a certified EIFS and Stucco Inspector. 
We also perform inspections on all types of exterior cladding systems.
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Hotel and Condominium 
Water Intrusion Specialists
Cascade Inspections Northwest performs nondestructive examinations of hotel and condominium properties throughout the United States.
We perform inspections of the exterior cladding's and all components of the exterior envelope including infrared imaging of the structures to determine if there are any water intrusion issues present, and if there are any potential issues that may develop in the future.
We create and provide necessary information to correct any water intrusion issues and provide architectural detailing for any necessary repairs.

Residential and Commercial Building Inspections
Cascade Inspections Northwest has performed thousands of inspections on residential and commercial buildings throughout the Northwest.